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CHARITIES FUNDING PARTNERSHIPS FOR AMERICA & CARES offer Volunteers that decide to give of themselves to affect change, opportunities to make a real difference within their Communities, no cost access to our powerful funding development innovation CARES Referrals for Charities ©  to develop funding in support of the Charities & Nonprofit Organizations that serve their Communities.

Our CHARITY & CARES develops funding for 90% donation to Charities & Nonprofit Organizations from the real estate purchases & sales of their Supporters that have registered with Charities Funding Partnerships for America & CARES to develop funding for their preferred Charities & nonprofits, without any cost to them, using our CARES-Referral ©  innovation.

The CARES-Referral © is immediately emailed to those Buyers & Sellers that have registered, for them to present to any Realtor they choose to assist them with their purchase or sale of real estate. Once received, the Realtor is instructed to forward or present the CARES-Referral ©  to their managing Real Estate Broker for signature. The CARES-Referral © requires their Real Estate Company to remit, 20% referral compensation from the commission it receives at the closing of our "self referred" Buyers or Sellers purchase or sale, to CARES for donation of 90% of the funding to Charities Funding Partnerships for America. 

Charities Funding Partnerships for America receives the donation and sends the Buyers & Sellers  Partners in Giving Awards of $100.00 as a THANK YOU for assisting in the development of funding for Charities, and then directs 90% of the net funding to the Charities & nonprofits our Buyers & Sellers had directed for donation at registration.


Even if you are not be planning on buying or selling real estate soon, you can still make a difference in your community by becoming a Volunteer. Registering as a Volunteer and receiving a CARES-packet © via email, with all the information you will need to make a difference, as you share our powerful funding development innovation, CARES Referrals for Charities © with the Charities & nonprofits in your community.

If you know someone that is planning to buy or sell real estate anywhere in the United States call or email them, and share this amazing program with them, and ask if one of their friends, family members, collogues or social media followers is planning the purchase or sale of real estate and email them the CARES-QR ©  or CARES-Link ©  that you have received in your volunteer resource packet for them to register, and join you in making a real difference !

Working Together on Project

Thank you for registering! Check the email you provided for further instructions and documents.

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