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is a 501(c)(3) Public Charity with designation 170 (b) (1) (A) (vi) ​and DLN designation 26053467002648

dedicated to the mission of developing funding for Charities & Nonprofit Organizations.


CHARITIES FUNDING PARTNERSHIPS FOR AMERICA brings people together to make a difference within their Communities by connecting with friends, families & colleagues to develop dynamic partnering relationships between Charities Supporters planning the purchase or sale of real estate with Charities, Nonprofit Organizations & Volunteers to develop donation funding from Realtors & Real Estate Companies, through CARES Referrals for Charities to support the important missions of Charities & Nonprofit Organizations in communities throughout the United States​.​​


CHARITIES FUNDING PARTNERSHIPS FOR AMERICA assisted in the founding, development and design of CARES Charities Advocacy Real Estate Corporation; creating the only nonprofit Real Estate Corporation in the United States dedicated to the development of funding for directed donation to Charities & Nonprofit Organizations, to develop funding  access to a National Real Estate market that averages 5.7 Million Realtor assisted sales transactions per year.


Once our access to this massive $2.8 Billion National Real Estate market had been established, our Mission was revised to share the financial advantages offered by access to this market with Charities & Nonprofit Organizations across America.

CARES & CHARITIES FUNDING PARTNERSHIPS FOR AMERICA would become a National Funding Development Resource for the Nonprofit Community, ensuring funding development for partnering Charities & Nonprofit Organizations that shared our commitment to the health, education & welfare of Americans.

CARES Referrals for Charities © our exclusive funding development innovation, provides the Charities & Nonprofit Organizations that partner with our Charity unlimited opportunities to develop significant funding from their Supporters that are purchasing or selling real estate throughout the United States.


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