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provides no cost access to our landmark funding development innovation, CARES Referrals for Charities ©  

to the Supporters & Volunteers of Charities & Nonprofit Organizations across the United States.


CARES develops funding from Real Estate Companies for 90% donation

to the Charities & Nonprofit Organizations

 the friends, families, neighbors or social media followers Supporters that are planning the purchase of sale of real estate, without cost to their Supporters or to our nonprofit partners.

CARES Referrals for Charities © offers our nonprofit partners opportunities to develop funding from their Supporters purchases & sales of real estate anywhere in the United States, that their Supporters have friends, families, colleagues or followers on Social Media, that they have shared the news about our cutting edge innovation, that provides anyone planning the purchase or sale of real estate, an opportunity to fund their preferred nonprofit without any expense to them.


CARES-Referrals ©  require the Realtors & Real Estate Companies that the nonprofit Supporters have selected to assist them purchase or sell real estate, remit 20% of the Commission they receive at the closing of the nonprofit Supporters real estate transactions to CARES for donation of 90% of the funding to Charities Funding Partnerships for America.

Charities Funding Partnerships for America, receives the donation funding, then sends the nonprofit Supporters $100 Partners in Giving Awards in appreciation of their assistance in the development of funding, and then sends their preferred nonprofits 90% of the net funding, as the nonprofit Supporters had directed during their registration on our platform. 

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