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Charities Funding Partnerships for America, began in the Fall of 2014 as an idea, that was later developed into a solution, a funding development solution designed to provide essential financial support to Charities & nonprofits.

In the Spring that year, I had been designing a Charity with my father, Veterans First America, that would provide Veterans that were returning home after serving our country only to discover daunting Veteran unemployment, a pathway to resume their first, and most important mission, providing support for their families.

The problem, was to find a continuous source of funding for our concept. Funding our pathway to employment, that assisted our Veterans develop the knowledge & training required for success during an intensive 30 day program that we had worked 10 months to develop, that was then ready to provide assistance to our Veterans and support for their families.

That was when I discovered that developing funding for Charities not only required knowledge of the inner workings of the Nonprofit Community, but of nonprofit "support" industry that appeared to have been developed to sell information and systems at significant costs, to people of good will that wanted to develop programs to help others. Finding even the basic grant writing process,  a requirement in the development of funding, required expensive professional assistance, were even a good outcome, may only cover the grant writing cost and possibly a few of the expenses required to assist a Charity evolve from concept to action.


The problem I found, presented a significant hurdle for people of good will, that had great Charities concepts, that only wanted to help others within their communities. This problem required a solution, and we agreed, to focus our efforts on developing a solution that would assist everyone that wanted to bring their Charities concepts of helping others, to life. 

The new idea, to design a Charity that would be the funding development resource for other Charities & nonprofits, that people of good will, with important programs to bring to their communities could rely on, for free funding. 

However, life soon consumed our efforts; dealing with my fathers illness and subsequent passing, then business; then family; and then, finally all too soon, my mothers illness, care at home and passing.

During that time I completed the first step of our vision of developing a Charity to assist Veterans and their families, with the registration of Veterans First America as a public charity in 2015, in memory of my father, and our shared vision.

The following year I completed the establishment of Charities Funding Partnerships for America which was founded to meet the final vision we had, and or family had shared, a funding development resource for all Charities & nonprofits. 

Charities Funding Partnerships for America became a registered public charity in 2018, with the mission to develop funding for no cost donation to Charities throughout the United States. The idea based on a shared vision, had begun to evolve.

At that point, I had the Charities established; the missions defined; and a funding development idea that I thought may provide the solution, borrowed & reimagined from my 23 years of experience as a Real Estate Broker, designing, developing & running real estate companies,

The idea, was to use the traditional Real Estate referral to provide Buyers & Sellers with opportunities to provide significant support their favorite Charities, without any cost to them !

I designed and redesigned, and reimagined and redesigned again, many methods of using Real Estate Referrals to develop funding, until one day I had it !   I had the solution !  and it was so simple:


and let them select the Realtor they prefer to assist them !


The Buyer & Seller would first register with our Charity & CARES our nonprofit real estate foundation, receive a referral, and then give my Referral to any Realtor they wanted to assist them with their purchase or sale of real estate, and that Realtor would then give the Referral to their Real Estate Broker for signature, thereby completing the referral &  transfer



Every Buyer & Seller of real estate in the United States could ...


  • Request & receive a CARES-Referral ©  from the Charities I had designed to honor my family's legacy of service,

Charities Funding Partnerships for America & Veterans First America through the pathway that I had designed & developed, as our nonprofit real estate partner that I had envisioned to administer our referral funding programs, CARES Charities Advocacy Real Estate Foundation, was now ready to serve.

  • Give their CARES-Referral ©  to any Realtor they selected to assist them with their purchase or sale of real estate, for that Realtor to forward or deliver the CARES-Referral ©  to the Realtor's Real Estate Broker for signature.

  • Receive a copy of their signed CARES-Referral ©  this completed client referral &  transfer contract now ensures their purchase or sale of real estate will provide referral funding the preferred nonprofit, without any cost to them !

Our CARES-Referral ©  requires Realtors & Real Estate Companies, remit 25% of the Commissions they receive

at the Closing of our Buyers & Sellers real estate transactions, to CARES nonprofit real estate foundation,

for donation of 90% of the referral funding to Charities !


Program names were developed, that would identify both the business processes involved,

and to whom our programs were designed to assist,


Now the Charities that I had developed through years of design and redesign, until they were finally right,

had program names reflecting the community & cause that each Charity was designed assist

 are ready to be used by people of good will, that CARE.

  • CARES Referrals for Veterans ©   for Veterans First America

  • CARES Referrals for Charities ©  for Charities Funding Partnerships for America


Thomas S. Reed, Founder

How the traditional Real Estate Referral worked:

  • Realtors would receive the Referrals of Buyers & Sellers, from Realtors, Real Estate Companies & Real Estate Brokers from different towns, cities & States;  that were planning to purchase or sell homes within our community, as our Real Estate Broker I would review, sign and return the executed client referral & transfer via email to the offices of the referring Real Estate Brokers.

  • The Referrals would contain the Names & Contact information of Buyers & Sellers that had registered with the referring Realtors, Real Estate Companies & Real Estate Brokers for referral & transfer to other Real Estate Companies for their Realtors to contact, and provide them assistance in the search and purchase or sale of real estate.

  • The Referrals offered no choice for the Buyers & Sellers to select the Realtors they wanted to assist them with their purchases or sales, as Realtors & Real Estate Companies offer other Realtors & Real Estate Companies the Referrals & transfers of the Buyers or Sellers for compensation, and the Realtors that offer the highest compensation receive the Referrals from the referring Real Estate Companies.

  • The Referrals would require Realtors & Real Estate Companies remit the referring Real Estate Broker, 25% to 35% or more, of any Commission received at the Closing of their referred Buyers & Sellers real estate transactions.

  • Once the referred Buyers & Sellers real estate transactions were closed. I would send the Referral contracted percentage of the Commission received by our Real Estate Company to the referring Real Estate Broker as compensation for their Referral.


CARES-Referrals ©  work for everyone:

  • Buyers or Sellers register with our Charity & CARES our nonprofit real estate foundation partner

  • Receive a CARES-Referrals © by email for them to give to any Realtor they select to assist then with their real estate purchase or sale

  • Present the CARES-Referrals ©  to their selected Realtor for signature of the Realtor's managing Real Estate Broker completing the referral & transfer of our registered Buyers or Sellers.

  • The Real Estate Broker then emails a copy of the signed CARES-Referrals © to CARES the referring Real Estate Broker

  • Once the Buyers or Sellers real estate transactions are closed & completed the referred Real Estate Brokers send 25% of the Commissions they receive to CARES for donation of 90% of the referral funding to Charities.


  • Referrals are contracts between Real Estate Brokers, that transfer a registered client from one real estate broker to another real estate broker for compensation. Referrals provide the name & contact information of a Buyer or Seller of real estate, that is planning the purchase or sale of real estate outside of the referring Real Estate Broker's service area. Referrals are directed to Realtors & Real Estate Brokers in the area that the Buyer or Seller is planning the purchase or sale or real estate. Referrals require the referred Realtor & Real Estate Broker remit compensation to the referring Real Estate Broker equal to 25% to 35% of the Commission the referred Real Estate Broker receives from the referred Buyer's or Seller's purchase or sale of real estate. 

In the CARES-Referral © Buyers & Sellers select the Realtors & Real Estate Companies they want to assist them with their purchase or sale of real estate.  Our Buyers & Sellers are not offered FOR SALE  as in the traditional real estate referral system, our Buyers & Sellers select the Realtor & Real Estate Company they prefer, and give the Realtors their referral that requires 25% of the Commission their selected Realtors & Real Estate Companies receive be remitted to fund Charities.

  • The Referral had NO EFFECT on the purchase or sales price of a property. 

In the CARES-Referral © the Real Estate Company is required to remit 25% of the Commission that they receive at the closing or the real estate transaction, This has no effect on the purchase or sale price, because the Commissions are determined after the purchase or sales price has been negotiated by the Buyer and Seller with the assistance of their Realtors. The Commissions for the Realtors & Real Estate Companies involved in any purchase or sale of real estate are determined by the Closing Agency or Real Estate Attorney during the preparation of the closing documents for all parties of the real estate transaction.

  • The Referral Compensation is remitted after the referred Buyers or Sellers purchase or sale of real estate has been closed

CARES-Referrals © require 25% of the Commission; this is determined by the Sales price that had been negotiated by the Buyer and Seller with the assistance of their Realtors, and finalized by both parties of the purchase or sale at the Closing of the real estate transaction.

  • The Referral Compensation is a percentage of the actual Sales price of the property, generally between 20% to 35%

CARES-Referrals © require Real Estate Companies that receive our referrals remit 25% of the Commissions they receive at the closings,  which is below the average referral cost that they would generally be required to remit.