CARES Client Referral Agreements are essential to the development of Charities funding,

as the Agreements form legal contracts between CARES and the Realtors & Real Estate Brokers that

our Clients have selected to assist them with their purchase or sale of real estate through

the CARES Referrals for Charities (c) program 

CARES requests that our Charities Volunteers provide the Buyers & Sellers that they

register in the CARES Referrals for Charities (c) program with the following important documents:


CARES Client Referral Agreement 


CARES Letter to Realtor

CARES further requests that our Charities Volunteers review these documents

with their Buyers & Sellers and discuss CARES requirement that the Realtors that the Buyers & Sellers

have selected to assist them with their purchase or sale, complete the CARES Client Referral Agreement

with them, to provide accurate Realtor & Real Estate Broker information prior to submitting

the CARES Client Referral Agreement to their Real Estate Broker for acceptance.