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Referrals for Charities  ©  



Registered 501(c)(3) with Public Charities status: 170 (b)(1)(A)(vi) ​DLN 26053467002648 EIN 82-1155231



N20000008273 NONPROFIT CQ 1062886 BK 3498701 EIN 86-2236219 


offer the Supporters of Charities & Nonprofits that are planning the purchase or sale of real estate

within the United States, access to our exclusive funding innovation CARES Referrals for Charities © to develop

referral funding for donation to the Charities & Nonprofits that inspire them, without any expense!

Supporters purchasing or selling real estate, register with our CHARITY & CARES

our Nonprofit Real Estate Foundation, to access CARES Referrals for Charities ©  and assist CARES

develop significant referral funding for donation to their preferred Charities & Nonprofits.

CARES Referrals for Charities ©  develops funding for Charities & Nonprofit Organizations

by referring Supporters that have registered as CARES Clients; to the Realtors & Real Estate Companies

they select to receive their client referral & transfer from CARES; for compensation equal to 20%

of the Commissions the Realtors & Real Estate Companies receive at the closings of our

registered & referred Supporters real estate purchases & sales.


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Registration with our CHARITY & CARES, our nonprofit Real Estate Foundation, is the first step in developing funding for the Charities & Nonprofits their Supporters request our CHARITY fund, at NO COST to them !

​CARES Charities Advocacy Real Estate Foundation funding innovation redesigned the traditional Real Estate Referral process common to Real Estate throughout the United States, to fund Supporters preferred Charities & Nonprofits, at no cost to them.​ 

CARES Referrals for Charities © provides Supporters that have registered with our CHARITY & CARES opportunities to develop funding for their preferred Charities & Nonprofits by redirecting 20% of the Commissions the Real Estate Companies they selected to assist them, receive at the Closings of the Supporters real estate purchase or sale transactions, to CARES, as compensation for the referral & transfer of CARES Clients to the Referred Real Estate Companies residential or commercial real estate services.​

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CARES-Referral ©

Supporters planning the purchase or sale of real estate that register with our CHARITY & CARES, receive CARES-Referrals © by email to present to the Realtors & Real Estate Companies they have selected to assist them with their real estate purchases or sales.

CARES-Referrals © are business agreements between our NONPROFIT Real Estate partner CARES and those Realtors & Real Estate Companies that our Clients have selected to give their CARES-Referrals ©

CARES-Referrals © require the Real Estate Companies to remit compensation to CARES for the referral & transfer of CARES Clients, equal to 20% of the Commissions that the Real Estate Companies receive at the Closings of our referred Clients real estate transactions

Once, CARES receives the referral & transfer compensation from the referred Real Estate Companies 90% of the funding is donated to CHARITIES FUNDING PARTNERSHIPS FOR AMERICA for donation to the Supporters designated Charities & Nonprofits.

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to any REALTOR

Supporters give their CARES-Referrals © to any Realtors they select and require those Realtors present their CARES-Referral © to their managing Real Estate Brokers for acceptance & signature.

Once the CARES-Referral © is signed by their Realtors managing Real Estate Brokers and returned to CARES offices via email, a CARES Client Referral Agreement is created.

Supporters may then sign their referred Realtors & Real Estate Companies Listing or Buyers Representation Agreement, assured that their purchases or sales of real estate will develop funding for donation to their preferred Charities & Nonprofits.

​Once Supporters real estate purchases or sales have been closed and CARES has received the required referral & transfer funding from the referred Real Estate Companies, 90% of the funding is donated to CHARITIES FUNDING PARTNERSHIPS FOR AMERICA for donation to the Supporters designated Charities & Nonprofits.  


Charities Funding Partnerships for America please direct 90% of the donation

developed from my real estate transaction to:

Business Meeting





Our CHARITY & CARES has created an innovation in funding that empowers everyone

with an opportunity to affect real change within their Communities by developing & directing funding

 to support the Charities & nonprofits that serve your communities

without any cost to you !

If you, or anyone you know, is planning the purchase or sale of real estate, such as

families, friends, neighbors, colleagues or even followers on Social Media tell them about

CARES Referrals for Charities ©  


Give them an opportunity, to develop real change within their Communities

by directing funding to Charities & Nonprofits 

at no expense to them.

Simply email them a CARES-Referral © 

CARES-Referral © 

​Even if you are not be planning on buying or selling real estate, you can make a difference

in your community, by joining us as a Volunteer


register as a Volunteer and receive a CARES-packet © by email

our CARES-packet ©   has information you can use to make a difference in your community,

as you share information about our powerful funding development innovation, CARES Referrals for Charities ©

 with the Charities & Nonprofits in your community !

If you know anyone planning the purchase or sale of a home

friends, family members, neighbors, colleagues or even Social Media followers

tell them about our amazing program, give them an opportunity, to direct funding to any nonprofit

at no expense to them, simply email them a CARES-Referral ©   from the CARES-packet ©   

we emailed you or send them a link to this website, please give them an opportunity 

to support Charities & nonprofits in their communities !


Charities Funding Partnerships for America provides Volunteers

with $100.00 Charities Advocacy Awards, and Student Volunteers $100.00 Tuition Assistance Awards

 for each buyer or seller of real estate they assist by registering them with our program

that develops funding in support of Charities & nonprofits

anywhere in the United States



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